Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Matthias Jung

Matthias Jung is an artist and graphic designer based in Germany,  known internationally for his surrealist collages.Jung worked as an illustrator before making his way to painting, developing an unmistakable collage style.The artist takes individual photographs in different locations, mostly in northern Germany, before carefully assembling them into one cohesive piece, abstaining from sensational effects and superficiality.By artistically arranging scraps of reality, Jung intensifies the picture in a way the human eye can only partially detect – and it is through our own associations that his constructions come alive.Jung often sets fantastic building facades afloat amidst vast landscapes,  their pointy domes and tall arching windows reflecting a possible surrealistic yet realistic world.Jung calls his surreal works “short, architectural poems”, incongruous images that are intended to challenge perceptions of space and architecture.According to the artist, the individual elements of the image tend to generate an electric tension with each other.  This tension leads to new worlds in which the entire beauty of his art is revealed.“Collages are like dreams,” Jung reflects.  “Or maybe dreams are like collages.”More of Matthias Jung‘s surrealistic artwork can be found at and



14 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Matthias Jung

  1. At first I thought it were paintings on pictures but when you pointed out these were collages, I saw it. Yet another artist with the patience of an angel !.


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