All About Me

Even the Universe Chuckles

I am a lover of life and the freedom of writing. Pen to Parchment, Fingertips to Keyboard, crayon on construction paper. The means don’t matter — just the way.

I am the star of the blog Humoring the Goddess (, and the Creative Online Art Director of the unique Sunday Evening Art Gallery (

I am a middle-aged writer of novels, short stories, and occasionally some great poetry. I am a pretzel-logic sort of woman, lover of life and nature and spaghetti and chocolate. I am blessed with my support group which includes husband, kids, daughter-in-law, grandkids, adopted in-laws, great friends, loving family. and an occasional dog or three thrown in to test my patience.

My stories often dance around middle-aged women thrown into impossible situations such as time travel and astral transportation. Female Fantasy Fiction, they call it. Modern women working with totally alien worlds and ideas and morals. Often there are lessons to be learned, but the journey is wonderful and strange.

In my reality I am employed in the Creative Services Department for a large Catalog Distributor. My second career is writing. I consult and write for other writers, and have had my own works published in magazines such as Crone, Ezines,  and Paper Tape.

My Muse is an Irish Wench, a saucy, out-spoken bright sprite that keeps me full of ideas and dreams. She often shares her ideas in the most inappropriate times, but I’m used to it. She has pulled many a great writing from out of my burn-and-crash ashes, and keeps my heart open and optimistic, knowing tomorrow is another day…to write!

Drop me a line any time! — I’d love to hear from you!


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