Dizzy from TMI?

After starting my work week on a Monday for a hundred thousand years, I still feel like this day is the beginning of the week. Having rarely worked weekends, this day sticks in my memory banks as the popsicle stick that marks the new row of freshly planted flower seeds.

I usually try and spend Monday mornings reading through others’ blogs, answering, commenting, thinking about what they said and how it relates to me. 

Some blogs have 40, 50 responses. Others nary a one. And often the topics are similar; an image and quote, a sensitive tale about someone, a writer reflecting on their choices or life or future decisions.  Some are mostly pictures, others are paragraphs and paragraphs. 

But there is a universal need in bloggers to get their story out. Even if their story is about someone else.

And since there are blogs for every story, every point of view, every age and size and intelligence, it made me wonder what other kinds of blogs those who read me follow.

I sometimes get disheartened when no one responds to something I think is gripping or telling. It shows me that my mind is not necessarily the same as my next door neighbors.

So I wonder — what kinds of articles make you respond?

What is it that you’re looking for in a quick read that hits you hard enough that you want to say something?

I agree that time and place constraints can be suffocating sometimes. Reading blogs on the train going home from work or while going to the bathroom (come on.. we all do that), may not be conducive to a response.

What kind of articles make you want to say something?

I chuckle at Facebook. My only connections on FB are people that I know personally. No friends of friends of friends or neighbors (unless I hang with them). And once in a while my friends will go on a tirade of one sort or another that makes me want to pop off a quick snarkly response.

But I don’t. I mind my own business and move on.

I wonder if that’s what happens to all of us when we share out thoughts and wisdom online.

Maybe you are nodding as you read my blogs or Laura Kates blog or Ivor’s blog or Davids blog, agreeing, smiling, then move on. But once in a while we all wonder what everyone else is thinking…about everything.

Then it’s Ack! Mind explosion! TMI!

And everything is such a big word…..




24 thoughts on “Dizzy from TMI?

  1. I know we are in the same boat . I accepted my sons death, it is not easy and it will never be easy but I carried on as there were more people counting on me and I believe strongly my son is in a better place now and he wouldn’t want me to sit in a corner and cry. I have seen it several times that when one child died, the parents only live for the death child while neglecting the ones who are still alive and needed you even more, then when these kids grow up they’ll see they did handle it wrong but then it is too late, they have no strong bond with their other kids. So sad ! When you are young you think your live will be good and happy but we never know what is round the corner. You can accept it or not. But I am sure everything happens for a reason.


  2. Are you in my head and heart today? I went for a walk and thought about nothing but the son I lost. We cannot change life, we cannot change our decisions or someone else’s life. Pain IS always around. It’s using that pain for positive things that gets us through. Wherever our creativity goes, there goes we. Or is it us? Even grammar fails me now…love you and your response. Thank you for today.


  3. I soooo am with you! I believe everyone has the creative inside of them — whether or not anyone hears or sees it, they should pursue it anyway. There is such release, such comfort, in creating something no one has ever created before. It may look funny, crooked, or sound weird, but it came from the heart, where more is waiting. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  4. I it is not a gift seen too many old people, I’ve worked with them and they all told me; it is not a gift to live this long, it is a curse. Everyone arround you dies, even your children and grandchildren, you are lonely and in constant pain……


  5. I stumble across blogs based on who drops by mine, of course, and I also find out about interesting blogs from author bios, Facebook, Instagram, random searches for things I wonder about, and tips from friends. Great photography gets me every time. So does thoughtful writing that tilts toward introspection without being totally self-centered. There’s so much out there! Kudos to everyone who both creates and supports the efforts of other creatives.


  6. I think we need to learn something new as often as we can, even when we will be 100 years old (not that I want to live to 100 years) but you know what I mean.


  7. You do a fantastic job, finding! 💖 Taking an art appreciation class or any other type of art class is a wonderful idea! I am with you… understanding and learning, with humor, is best. 😊


  8. Yes, that is true. The other think I look for is posts that are not too long. Also some blogs are often too full of ads. I usually skip those. Original authentic work with photos is what really draws me.


  9. That is super. I soooo believe in expanding your horizons, and reading blogs are only a drop in the bucket to what’s out there. Trying your own craft, learning from those around you, reading about history or interior design or whatever floats your boat this week IS important. I laugh at myself because I’m always learning something new every day or couple of days. Not that I’ll retain it all — but just seeing how something works or someone’s motivation to be who they are today is motivation enough to keep on growing!


  10. I am finding so many unique artists — more and more every day. I never took an art class in school, but now I am sorely tempted to find a “free” into to art class at the local university just to UNDERSTAND a little of what others are doing. Ignorance is not bliss — understanding is. And I like to find my understanding with a little humor, not sour “I told you so”‘s. We are often alike.

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  11. I think that’s a fair assumption to make. I have a long list of used-to-blogs in my follow folder; some haven’t written anything in a year. Gone to greener pastures, I’m sure. Do I keep them around for posterity’s sake? I’m sure they have cut me off their list….

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  12. I think you are right. You are drawn to read someone who has stopped by your world. I follow way too many blogs, not because I believe in numbers, but I found something entertaining and well written and entertaining. There are so many good writers and artists out there — all you can do is stop by the ones you enjoy and take a few minutes out of your busy day and step into their world. I think we all have the same dilemma and the same solution.

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  13. For me it is the pictures that I see and/or the title, and ofcourse the people I follow. But I don’t read every day as there is just too much to do, I’m on Schutterstock, Flickr and Adobe too.


  14. As you know I appreciate and enjoy art – a broad subject I know. Nature is another favorite of mine. Quirky, humorous, and unexpected posts also get my attention and may garner a response from me.


  15. Just so, but not so many are thinking in the play for a Fourth Reich.
    Don’t like Facebook, and the news that Google has ownership of WordPress.
    I wanted to respond to Anastasia’s last blog but found some words betrayed lingering chauvinism of the 2oth. Century man.


  16. I frequently check out the blogs of people who read the blogs I follow. Until proven otherwise, I assume that they are also interesting and creative and friendly – just like the bloggers I follow.


  17. You shared how blogging works very well. It is difficult to know what posts to respond to and which ones to put simply a like letting the blogger know you stopped by. With so many followers there is no way to respond to all of them. So, I tend to respond to those who respond to me. The more personal the connection the more I respond. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. I do try to stop by on familiar blogs from time to time as I am able. Being part of a group like d’Verse gets my stuff read by more bloggers. But then again, they tend to only read mine if I read theirs!

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