Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Izumi Akinobu

Tokyo-based artist Izumi Akinobu creates amazing miniature worlds encased in tiny glass bottles.


Izumi is an architectural model designer by day and a craft artist in her spare time.

She has been creating these wonderful bottles since 2010.

More of  Izumi Akinobu‘s tiny creations can be found at 


4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Izumi Akinobu

  1. I had to hold my fingers together in symmetry with theirs to see just how small those bottles are! I have no idea how people can do something so tiny and meticulous!


  2. Oh dear !! How could you be so meticulous and fastidious, to work on such exquisitely tiny pieces. I’ve had to put my glasses on to view them, they’re totally miraculous.


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