What Are You Doing This Friday Night?

It’s Friday Night.

What are you doing? What are you watching?

Friday night is the crash point of anyone who works full time Monday through Friday. Somehow it’s become the psychological barrier between work (madness, determination, exasperation) and freedom (creativity, socialization, family and friends).

We all deal with Friday in our own way. Some go out on the town. Some go to the movies, some to the local bar. Some make a pizza and beer night (I have been known to participate in such). Some just jump into jammies and watch whatever is on TV. Others run to the book they’re reading to catch up on the next chapter.

Does Friday night mean anything to you? Is it a change from one world onto another? Is is psychological change, a metaphysical change? Do you turn from Dr. Jekyll during the day to Galileo during the night? Do you turn from data clerk or accountant to a creative entity worth mentioning?

I always have felt like a different person during the day. Methodical, calculating, creative when I need to be. It’s nothing like my science fiction, cerbrial, not-making-sense sort of person. I always thought I was the same person day in and day out. But the last few years have proven otherwise.

It doesn’t matter what your creative field. Painting, crocheting, writing, calligraphy. Rarely does your day time job allow your muse to come front and center. That’s why it’s always amazing that an accountant becomes a poet. Or a stock trader becomes an internet and Food Network sensation.

We all do what we have to do to make a living. We may be cement contractors during the day — a director or an accounts payable clerk or a cashier

But that is not who we are.

Pay attention to your inner voice. THAT is who you are. Your basic skills may be typing or graphic design but your real self is so much more.

Don’t ignore what your inner voice is saying. If it is screaming to paint a thought or moment on canvas, let it out. If it is telling you there is a poem in your daily grind or in a sunrise, let it out. Life is too short to be limited to one column, one state, one being. You all know what I mean. The way the world rolls, we usually are one singular person during the day and someone totally different afterwards.

Back to the original question — what are you doing this Friday night? Are you vegging, dreaming, writing, painting? Are you watching your favorite TV shows? Science fiction? Reality shows? Game shows? I believe we all are drawn to that secret part of our personality.

Happy  Friday, everyone. Get moving with those dreams!

18 thoughts on “What Are You Doing This Friday Night?

  1. That’s it, being here by myself, lights go on, and away I write, and it’s those early morning hours the old brain is at its best !!


  2. Words come at the best and worst times! I hate when I can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking of plot lines or phrases and I don’t want to wake anyone up by turning on the light and writing. Keep those poems coming!


  3. Oh wow Claudia, that’s too cold for this little Aussie Koala 🐨,… I’ve been in the mood lately, I think my latest batch of poems have been quite good. It’s 6.30am here, and I wrote one at 3.00am, will post soon after I’ve typed it up, it’s still in my bedside notebook 📔. Just as well there’s no work for the plumber today, I’m already too 😴 😊


  4. Your creativity hit right on the mark when you said “the moods come and go like the wind, just got to have my sails up at the right time to catch the whisperings.” You are marvelous eve when you don’t think about it. I was watching a movie and drinking beer when I wrote that blog…wondering what everyone else was doing at that specific time. But you and 106 degrees? Yike! We’re happy if we are 20 degrees above zero — it was 10 below only last week!


  5. I’m retired now so Fridays don’t have the same significance. But I recall in the not so distant past coming home from a horrible commute, ordering pizza or going out for Fish and Chips with hubby, having a lovely bubble bath soak in the tub while reading a good book and winding down. We would snuggle on the couch watching something light and collapse into bed. Weekends were always very busy too but those Friday evenings were precious.


  6. I LOVE that black strawberry !!!!Friday night we usually watch telly, usually something like “Silent witness” or a good film, we make ourselves comfy and have coffee and something sweet, the dogs on my lap…


  7. My work commitments are not overly many hours these days, as a part-time plumber going on 67, so Friday evenings have changed for me, just another day like any other day. this Friday evening I went golfing and then a pleasant barbecue afterwards, at my picturesque Golf Club Bannockburn, which is actually set in a part of a State Forest, and only 18km from my home.!! Today(Sat) I’m just lazing around here at home, the temp has climbed to a hot 106’F outside. So I’m writing, reading and resting, although my creativity for words seems to be low today, but that never worries me any-more, I’ve learnt over the years, the moods come and go like the wind, just got to have my sails up at the right time to catch the whisperings. xx


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