Stop The Madness!

I’ve been thinking about writing this for some time now. It’s not a life review statement or a manifesto. It’s just common sense for me.

Every day I enjoy reading the headlines of Yahoo. Well, I used to enjoy them. But it seems as the news and social media have galloped away into the madness of the sunset that never ends.

What in the hell is wrong with people?

Do I come from such a whitebread background that I can’t identify with murderers and thieves? Am I so far from the bright lights of Hollywood that I can’t appreciate every wardrobe change of a nobody?

I might not have voted for the president, but I’m tired of all the nonsense that keeps filling up the news. This last week I’ve read about him not singing the entire national anthem, that he has a cheeseburger in his bed at night, he cant pronounce Nazi and he won’t let housekeeping clean his bedroom.

Who in the Hell cares?

I’m so tired of nonsense news that I’m going to do my best to stop reading Yahoo and any other headliner agencies.

Easier said than done. A big goal, seeing as I’m a social media kinda gal. But I’ve got to curb my free time and stop wasting it on things I can do nothing about. I’ve said this in other blogs. My heart breaks for mudslide victims and hurricane victims. But there is nothing I can do to change that flow. I also can’t help rich and famous people who are getting busted for everything from drugs to sexual harassment or athletes who sit for the national anthem.

I admit I do like to read the good news. The positive stuff. But you have to dig far to find it. Somewhere behind politics and nuclear relations is a story about a dog who saved a child or a mother who was reunited with her baby. But those stories are hard to find these days.

I know there is pain and evil all around us. Respectable journalists report this kind of news to the public to inform, to warn, and to reward. But it gets way out of hand when they are reporting about this starlet’s underwear or this public figure’s eating habits. It seems writing news stories has become nothing more than one-upping the story before.

So I will stick to my blogging and reading my friend’s blogs and sharing news on my Facebook account. I will write poetry and finish my fantasy fiction novel and read a few new books too. If I need gossip I will go to a site that specializes in that. But I’m done with the madness on the levels above.

My psyche takes it all too personally, and that’s not good for my heart — or soul.


27 thoughts on “Stop The Madness!

  1. This is so true. The news is filled with stuff that doesn’t really matter. Media has become petty and so have most of it’s viewers. It’s a disgrace!


  2. I agree with you 100%. But the press picks up every stupid tweet and every stupid statement and makes it front page news. I’m so tired of seeing his stupidity washed across every news outlook I go to. Thats why I listen to the radio news; they have 4 minutes for the first set of headlines, so that’s all I need. I don’t need to get pumped up anymore. Its a drag I let all the nonsense get to me, but who knows how long I have on this Earth, so why waste it worrying about the woman who wore red to the awards last week when everyone else wore black? Get Over It!


  3. I have survived one day without Yahoo. Woohoo! I listen to the news on the radio to and from work, so I don’t miss a plane crash or something, but have been reading others’ blogs and even an article on the ancient Etruscans! I am so glad you agree. And I am definitely hanging around with you!


  4. Right on, Claudia! I’m gonna stick to bloggers like you with whom I so agree. Inspirational bloggers like Pat Cegan. SnapChat silliness with my daughter who’s in Switzerland. And good books. PBS news posts on world tragedies are important for my general awareness – and specific prayer life, but I don’t need Trump Tweets or the latest on celebrity underwear habits! You’re so right. Who the hell cares?


  5. You are right, who cares what the Kardashians are wearing or doing or saying ??? Or any other tv star ??? What your president does when he is in his bed, I don’t care but when he seriously says “my knob is bigger than yours” on tv, I can’t help but think ; are you for real ??? Sorry Claudia, but we get him on the new EVERY day and I am seriously worried he’ll soon starts WW 3 !! I hope I am wrong but I am really scared.


  6. I am so glad I’m not alone in feeling frustrated and disappointed in the whole Social Media scam. I don’t care about who eats what before they go to bed or if they clean their bedroom in a timely manner. If we’re spending time with online news let it be REAL news!

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  7. First I’m so sorry about your stepdad. Love your mom and let her love you. And as to the relief you felt being away from the news, I am going to do just that. I’ll listen to the Chicago News Radio Station on my way to work. It gives the REAL news headlines…and traffic and weather on the 8s!


  8. I so agree. It makes me sound like I’m anti-news or anti-entertainment. I like a funny story and a serious story just like anyone else. The problem is the trash stories are the first in line. It’s sad that important ones are two lines and done. Thank you for sharing!

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  9. I’m with you on the nonsense news. I’m so tired of it. I had to travel to my mom’s in New Hampshire unexpectedly (my lovely stepdad recently passed away), and it’s been so hectic, I haven’t had time for the news. Though I like keeping informed and being on top of things, it’s kind of a relief, actually.


  10. I thought the same thing when I logged on today. Kim K’s underwear? Why isn’t our media focused on serious stuff? This is not how this should all go. Not at all. And why do we care about these nobodies, famous for having sex on tape?


  11. There is so much great information out there..history, biographies, space science, books of poetry and fiction…why waste what little tile we have on rehashed trash? ❤️

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  12. “What in the hell is wrong with people?

    Do I come from such a whitebread background that I can’t identify with murderers and thieves?”

    This made me laugh out loud at work!


  13. Oh Claudia, your words echo my every thought about the media of today, I couldn’t have said it any betterer 🙄. The most infuriating aspect is their disbain of their readers intelligence, I take personal affront to this, and now don’t read, listen to, or take any notice such insignificant trivial crap. 😊


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