Sunday Evening Art Gallery — George E. Ohr

, the so-called “Mad Potter of Biloxi,” was a wild, inventive ceramic artist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but his work was largely misunderstood during his time, and languished in a Mississippi garage.George Edgar Ohr (1857-1918) has been called the first art potter in the United States, and many say the finest.Although active from 1879 until around 1910, it was not until his pottery was rediscovered half a century after his death that Ohr began to enjoy the reputation he felt he deserved.Ohr is considered the most important US ceramic artist for several reasons. First, he was a pioneer of the art pottery movement in the United States.His work challenged the traditional notion that ceramics were purely functional objects, and instead presented them as works of art.Secondly, Ohr was highly experimental, constantly pushing the boundaries of his medium. He was never satisfied with simply replicating existing techniques; instead, he sought to invent new ones.This led to the development of his signature ” coil and pinch” method, which produced uniquely organic and asymmetrical forms.Lastly, Ohr’s work has been highly influential in the field of ceramics. His unique style and approach to clay-making has inspired generations of artists, and his pots are now highly sought-after by collectors.Today, Ohr is recognized as a major pioneer of American ceramics.His work has made a lasting impact on the ceramics community and the art world alike, and has inspired generations of artists working in ceramics to innovate and work with the medium in unique ways.

More of George E. Ohr’s pottery can be found at,, and



9 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — George E. Ohr

  1. I myself think handling a potters wheel and other tools takes so much skill and concentration. I dont necessarily have shaky hands, but if I have to concentrate for too long on keeping still I would fail miserably. I think pottery is one of the most expressive and magical arts there is.

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  2. I was delighted to find the explanation of why he is considered the first potter in the US. While his style is commonplace now, I have to try and relate to styles and morals and the ways of the turn of the century. I am so glad I learned something new!

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