Repeating a Repeat

I was flipping through movies the other night, looking for something to watch — something different, something spooky, something — unusual. The horror genre came to mind.Now, I’m not into gory, bloody horrorfests — the sections of the public who love those kind of movies can keep those movies.I prefer movies that make me think. Make me wonder. Make me suspend belief for a couple of hours. I don’t really believe in spirits and ghosts and the supernatural, but I enjoy letting those who know how to manipulate the genre manipulate me. I love twist endings. Surprise endings. 

The strangest things frighten us. For some it’s spiders. For others it’s aliens. Or ghosts. Or monsters. Or internet predators. Or walking through the woods alone at night. In the dark. 

It’s okay to be frightened now and then, as long as you know what’s real and what’s not, and not let your fears rule your life.

I wound up watching Zoolander. So go figure. 

Which leads me to a blog I wrote back in 2016. Holy Moley! 2016!


Something Is Out There

20161210_215909I was watching TV the other evening. A horror flick. Or SF. Or both. No matter. Predator. You know — the Sci Fi movie with Arnold and a bunch of special forces macho men. You know the story line — the alien who comes to Earth to hunt humans for sport.  Well, there was one scene closer to the beginning of the movie that made me pull out a camera and take a picture of the TV screen — a scene that flashed the words blog topic into my brain.

The men are walking through the jungle, in and out of clearings, when one of the soldiers stops. Just stops and looks ahead. At the trees, at the jungle. Silence. When asked what was up, Billy said there was something out there watching them. Something you couldn’t see.

That kind of terror gets to me much more than blood and guts.

The fear of the unknown.

Some people can sense something’s not right way before it hits you like a pie in the face. We all have intuition, but some just live with it turned on high, while others barely crack the surface.

Do you ever sense things that are — unnatural? Nebulous? Out of our sphere of reality?

I don’t care for the scientific explanations. I understand them, I agree with them. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering — what if something was watching us? Something invisible, fifth dimension-ish and all that?

I’ve seen dogs avoid places in the wild; some would rather pee on themselves than check out some particular place. I’ve heard stories of birds avoiding certain trees and wild animals refusing to walk through certain areas.

It’s like seeing something out of the corner of your eye. If you turn and focus, the thing is gone. But for that fleeting moment you swear there is something there. It is hearing songs on the wind when everyone else hears a lawn mower. Or seeing a glow in the woods that everyone else says are lightning bugs.

I know that none of these abnormalities exist — at least not on a scientific level. But through the years I’ve regained some of my fascination with the “unknown.” I love to entertain the impossible. The improbable. The ridiculous. For within those worlds lies even more remarkable truths. At least for the person experiencing them.

I have never seen the clear, wavy distortions of a Predator before they become visible. I’ve never seen a unicorn drinking from a stream or a faerie dancing through the night.

Or have I?

We all see things that aren’t there. As we get older and memories fade, what we think we remember isn’t necessarily what happened. The conversations change, the situations change — we rework the past to fit our current psyche. So what I thought my father said before he died might not have been what he really said. The punchline of an old movie might not be the quote I spout out to friends and family.

To be honest, I am spooked by things I don’t understand. I don’t like walking through the woods in the dark, or driving down unfamiliar deserted roads at night, or playing Mary Worth in the mirror. Whether it’s an overactive imagination or the true sensing of something beyond reality, I prefer to deal with the unknown my own way.


I figure don’t tempt the gods.


7 thoughts on “Repeating a Repeat

  1. It’s been in you all along, all you have to do is trust it. You’re only as limited as you choose to be. If you need proof, I suggest keeping a synchronicity journal so you can see it for yourself in your own writing. The world is magic!


  2. I want to believe that, and I DO believe that, but I resent the closed teaching I learned when I was young to reject any alternate ending, for that point of view is the first thing we’re taught. Its one way or the highway. And as you get older and can understand more, you’re still grounded in that one way thing. I too believe we have more talent than we’ve been led on to believe. Thank you sooo much for sparking my flame again!


  3. It’s interesting to wonder why humans believe that the totality of reality, is what they and they alone can perceive with their 5 senses. Kind of arrogant. It’s a huge universe and we are one amazing but limited creature. I believe we all have much more expansive abilities than we’ve been taught.


  4. That’s why I LOVE talking to people like you — people who have actually experienced that step beyond. A good friend of mine is an intuitive. Most people dismiss her talents, saying she just makes good guesses. But I know she often “sees” things and understands things that are just beyond our grasp. That’s why they’re airy fairy to most, every day for you and her. And lately I’ve been experiencing things that I KNOW there is no real explanation for. Keep your mind open! Keep looking!

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  5. As you know, I love your writing! This piece gave me chill bumps. I have had my share of unexplainable situations. Those that happened when I was younger set me on a path of believing/knowing there is more to this life than meets the eyes. ✨


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