Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Paitoon Jumee

Born in 1978, Paitoon Jumee is a contemporary Thai artist known for his portrayals of the female face.Jumee studied at the Thai Vijitsil Art School from 1993-1996, later graduating from Pochang University in 1998.The artist was trained in multiple disciplines including lithography, sculpture, and xylography.Of his collections, the series of paintings depicting female portraits remains his most popular. The majority of these faces feature calm serene expressions, often with closed eyes and pan-Asian features such as almond-shaped eyes.Jumee applies painting techniques such as the superposition of repetitive patterning to create layers beneath the surface of the portrait.Perhaps this reflects the idea of a portrait which reveals the person’s many aspects of character beyond surface deep.The use of the drip technique, among other textural effects, can be considered Jumee’s signature touch.

These flourishes add depth and melancholy to what would otherwise appear a clean and detached portrait. Jumee’s works display his innate sense for textural depth and allow his work to be instantly recognizable.More of Paitoon Jumee’s unique art can be found at and


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