It Doesn’t Stop .. Not If You Don’t Let It


Here I am, late Sunday night, listening to the above music, reflecting on what just happened in my airy fairy world.

I have talked to many people who believe there are signs of otherworldly things around us. Messages and thoughts being sent and left behind and forwarded to and through us all the time. All we have to do is sit and listen.

Now, I don’t have a direct connection to any celestial/spiritual being. Not that I know of. Although I must say in the last few years I’ve been getting connections I never believed existed. Take The Cat Story about the cat who showed up at my son’s memorial and also at Thanksgiving, The Cat Story — Part 2. 

I got a text from a long-time-ago friend a few weeks ago; someone I hadn’t talked to in ages but remained friends with (if that’s possible). She asked if I wanted to go to Paris with her. She was also going to ask my sister-in-law to go.

I haven’t heard from her directly in 30 years.

I only started seeing my sister-in-law last December when her daughter/my goddaughter got married.

I didn’t even know friend A knew sister B.

Okay. That in itself freaked me out, because somehow through the past few years we had communicated my desire to see Paris. A kinda bucket list thing that would probably never come to fruition.

And she was ready to start making plans.

Well, it just so happened that last year I wrote a story called “I Dreamed I Went to Paris,” which is a 67-year-old’s version of going to Paris for a week. (No real trip was ever involved).

Tonight I decided to send my friend the story for her perusal.

Sent the thing, went to bed, went to my phone (which was on Messenger) and I absently dialed her number. (I had to go there to get her email addy). I “butt dialed” her number.

I couldn’t figure out how to disconnect fast enough and she answered.

A friend I hadn’t talked to in over 30 years.

And we talked on the phone for over an hour.

Like it was just yesterday.

There are no accidents, my friend. We shared the pains and joys of our past years, realizing that we were still so very much alike. Our dreams, our airy fairyness, our laughter and our experiences.

We just hadn’t shared them with each other lately.

I don’t believe it was an accident to butt dial my good friend. It was the same fate faerie that brought Mikey the cat my way. The same faerie who brought me back together when a friend I thought I’d lost years ago. The same faerie  that encourages me to dream, physically and mentally and inspirationally.

The faerie that has put sharing in my heart and creativity in the air.

There are no accidents, my friends. Don’t try and explain the cosmos. Just go along for the ride.

You’ll not believe the things you will experience!!





2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Stop .. Not If You Don’t Let It

  1. You said, “ The faerie that has put sharing in my heart and creativity in the air.” I call that faerie The Holy Spirit. Spirit talks with me all the time! Yes, it’s a very important connection! You’ve got it dialed in!!


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