The Cat

A rare personal story …

Over the weekend we had a Memorial Bonfire for my son that I lost in February because of a random shooting.

We had all kinds of family and friends over for food, fun, and fire. It was an emotional and wonderful day, full of love and sadness and bonding.

We built a cairn (a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark) in the corner garden from a pile of rocks that were dumped under a tree in the back yard before we even moved here.

During the day’s festivities, this gray and white cat appeared. My dog initially chased her up a tree, but that did not deter her one bit. Not long after, she came down and started loving up everyone. She would lay on the wood pile, at people’s feet, even on the top stair of the staircase leading to our front deck. She was not phased by any one or any thing.

The dogs began to merely sniff her, then eventually ignored her. She was picked up, loved, pet, and fed.

The thing is — this wasn’t my cat.

I had never seen this cat before.

Two of my friends wanted to take her home. Another named her Stella. Much debate ensued throughout the evening, and it was finally decided that if she returned the next day I would take her in and tell my wannabe cat mamas.

The last time I saw her was in late twilight, walking away down one of the paths we have running around the landscape of our property.

I haven’t seen her again.

And I wondered …

I don’t believe in signs, the afterlife, or a higher power, especially after a traumatic event like I experienced.


Was this cat merely a stray that wandered into my party?

Or did my son send me a sign that all was well on the other side?

I prefer not to judge nor make a decision about what happened that day. I will leave the truth to the powers that be.

But you made my day, Stella …Thank you.



22 thoughts on “The Cat

  1. Sometimes, we find that needed comfort, ftom the, random encounters with other livnig organisms in our lives, and, their presence to us, served that, specific, purpose, in that, precise moment we encountered it.


  2. You know, I still go outside and call for her. This happened Saturday and it’s been raining ever since. I’d like to think that she’s home and warm where she belongs. Message sent. I love your story. You make me question closing all those doors.


  3. That gives me the goosebumps. It wasn’t my cat — I’d never seen her before. Why she would visit my outside gathering, be so gentle and loving and not afraid of the half dozen dogs running around, I’ll never know. But I do have my suspicions now…

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  4. That is amazing. I think I hate the universe and gods in general, so I’ve closed up alot of the open doors. But I think there might still be one or two left unlocked. What a beautiful sign for you. You couldn’t plan it, not notice it, nor understand it. Thank you so much.

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  5. My daughter was at a BBQ and a cat joined them. She sat on my daughter and granddaughter all day long. They brought her home. She laid on the floor and let the dog sniff her. She didn’t move. The it was over and she’s been with the for 9 years. All right after my husband/her father died. He sent us cats. Never happened before or since.


  6. So sorry for your loss, after my dad’s funeral in 2004 at 5pm the most brilliant daytime shooting star, or only daytime shooting star I’ve ever seen, appeared streaking over our home’s skyline witnessed by over 50 people.


  7. Thanks for this post as a cat lover and someone who helps clients with grief. Please email me if you would like to chat more about this experience privately. I see signs all the time. You have read my blog 😀


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