The Cat — Part 2

I don’t know if you remember, but last September I wrote a blog called “The Cat” which was about a cat showing up out of nowhere on the day we had a memorial get-together for the son I had lost in February.

I had noted that “During the day’s festivities, this gray and white cat appeared….she came down and started loving up everyone….. She was not phased by any one or any thing.”

After all kinds of pets and love, she disappeared that evening, never to return. It was a magic moment, a family moment, a passing moment. 

As I noted, I didn’t believe in signs, the afterlife, or a higher power, especially after a traumatic event like I experienced. But. Was this cat merely a stray that wandered into my party? Or did my son send me a sign that all was well on the other side?


Our traditional get together at my house, a full house of cousins, grandparents, kids, grandkids, and brothers. A turkey in the oven, card games after dinner — always a delightful reunion.

As we prepared for our get-together, guess who should show up at the back door?

The Cat.

Out of nowhere, not seen since September. Standing at my back door. I called my grandkids over, and we went outside and picked up and loved the cat. She purred and I’m sure she smiled. We also discovered she was a he.

The cat that wasn’t mine.

The cat that had never been seen since the day of the memorial.

Stopping by on the day that our family was getting together to give thanks. For life, for love. A day we would toast my son who couldn’t be with us, along with others we’ve long loved and missed.

One of my dogs ran to the door and made a fool of himself barking, making the cat uncomfortable. So we put him down and he took off, down the stairs, across the rock drive that led to my back door, and down the path to the fields and houses in the distance.

We named him Mikey.





16 thoughts on “The Cat — Part 2

  1. Have you ever heard of the ouija bord ?People often use it for a laugh but I know for a fact that it can be very dangerous, I know a few people who tried it when they had a party as they thought it would be fun but it is really dangerous as most visitors from “the other side “are really vicious, they are lost souls who love to come in and play with your emotions or worse. If you like to know more about it you can find a lot of info online.
    And yes it is a pity that people don’t talk about their special experiences but they are just afraid they would be laughed at.Have a great weekend !


  2. Wow. What a perspective. Through the years I’ve turned more towards solid 3D proof, but I know that subjects like this don’t have a 3D answer. Too bad those who experience something like this DON”T share.. I think I’ve lost my marbles most of the time anyway, so a peek into the unknown wouldn’t shock me one way or another. Thank you so much for sharing. Love this.


  3. I could tell you a lot about life after death. When I was young I didn’t believe in that untill I had a strange experience when I was about 30 years ago, from then on I have been doing a lot of reading about this and watching tv series on the subject. And a lot of people have the same experience after they die and are resusitated. But many people don’t want to talk about it as they fear others will think they lost their marbles. I have spoken to someone who experienced it and she is looking forward to die, she didn’t really want to come back to life but a voice told her it was not her time yet and that she had to go back into her body.


  4. That’s always the bottom line, isn’t it? If there isn’t anything after this life, it doesn’t matter, because we’ll never know it. So I guess most of us choose to believe in something more, because, why not? There’s no proof either way — just what your heart tells you. Which hopefully is what your heart wants.


  5. I don’t belive that I believe in life after death cos I want to believe that. Often people tell me that when I say there is life after death. If we die and there is no life after death it is not that bad either (for me)because you won’t know it. Know what I mean ?


  6. Hauntingly amazing. Yes. I would have kept the cat but we think he might belong to the farm next door. If he decides to wander over here again I’ll go over and ask the owner. (He was amazingly clean for a cat that lived outdoors). I love that name… Emily.


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