Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tin Yan Chan

Born in Hin Kwong Village of Kwangtung, China to a family of artists in 1942, Tin Yan Chan became a popular floral and landscape artist in Canada in the late 20th century.Deeply moved by his first encounter with the western work of art, Chan found himself filled with inspiration and imagination.At 16 he was admitted to the Wuhan South Central China Academy of Fine Arts.Chan attended the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts where he began to realize the joy of creating bold compositions and expressions.In 1968, the artist immigrated to Canada and started his career as a professional artist. With his experience in China and France, which embraced both ancient and modern Impressionist abstract and contemporary works of arts, he became confident in creating his own style of art work. Chan creates a compelling blend of Asian and Western aesthetics in his snowscapes and floral scenes, producing  works in both watercolor and oil.Delineation of tree branches recalls the curves and strokes of Chinese calligraphy, as does his subject choice of serene natural scenes.Even when working in the strict discipline of the Chinese brush painting tradition, he  scatters exuberant and undisciplined patches of brilliant color throughout his compositions.More of Tin Yan Chan’s colorful art can be found at




12 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tin Yan Chan

  1. Me, too, Claudia. I was vicariously there. Your blog touched my soul today. I had to pass it on in my post today (giving you the credit, of course)!


  2. Oh my! Just when I thought it could not get more beautiful – this one’s my favorite, no that one’s my favorite – oh, but look at that!! It would just keep astounding me. I love this Tin Yan Chan’s work. Amazing!!

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