The Magic of Unusual

You have seen the wonder of my Sunday Evening Art Gallery through this blog since I first opened the Gallery September 14, 2014.

2014. Holy Moley. That sounds like such a long time ago.

And I am still finding amazing, unique, wonderful, different artists and their work.

The world is an amazing place. I may not always agree with its politics or ignorance or boldness but there is always room for Art.

I sometimes wish I could just show everyone what the art world is about. But there is so much of it that I don’t understand. Don’t know the history nor the mechanics or the explanation for so many creative things.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful. Or unique.

Or strange.

As I always say, beauty in art is relative. The Holocaust was not beautiful. Documenting your dementia is not beautiful. Sketching and painting monsters, both inside and outside of your brain, is not necessarily beautiful.

But they are all necessary if you want to understand more of human nature.

Now, I’m not always sure I want to “understand” more of human nature. The positive side is like heaven; light, sunny, colorful. Positive vibes. Acceptance. Understanding. A comfortable psyche and aura.

As for the dark side of human nature, it can keep its distance. It can stay far away — along with thoughts of denial, erasure, and destruction.

Yet we cannot ignore what exists. And many artists have been able to take that pain and confusion and turn it into something that can be brought into this dimension, at least for understanding and explanation.

That’s why art, in all its forms, is magical.

Looking back through all my Galleries, it’s amazing what I have found. From royal crowns to harps to giant flowers to ancient landscapes to carved food to demons and fairies, there is something for everyone.

As Maximus asks in the movie Gladiator — “Are Your Not Entertained?”




9 thoughts on “The Magic of Unusual

  1. It’s funny that you wrote this. I had two mini conversations with people about art. I think I’m going to think/write more about art next year. So many layers


  2. I will. The book I was talking about is about 1000 years of painting art. Start with the year 1000 and ends in 2000. The first real paintings were in manuscrips and on walls and ceilings in churches, they still exist, the colors have fades but many are restaured. Can you imagine all the round ceilings, many meters about the floor where you have to climb very high and paint when on your back in a very cold and dark church ???


  3. You are so right on all accounts! I love looking through old books, period. I have a few from the turn of the century (early 1900s century) and just the feel and language and type are so reflective of the times! If you come across an interesting artist in your books and wanderings, let me know! I”d love to feature someone else’s magic!


  4. In today’s acceptance of cancellation, censorship and even book banning, art may be the last place left for creating a vision. Jus’ sayin’.


  5. I am entertained by you, yes. And thank you for that. And I saw art from people I’ve never heard about. I have a big heavy book that shows pictures and artists from hundreds of years ago, starting with the oldest art and working up to the newest and the change is huge. The old paintings learn us a lot about how people lived and looked like as they had no camera’s, but now they have the freedom to do as they like cos the camera’s do the rest. Even in our (me and yours) lives there is so much change, look at the pictures when you were a child, a teenager, a bride, a mum, a nan….and you see how much you changed in a short period of time, when I looked at the clothes I used to wear when I was young…..omg ! or how I looked many moons ago, I can’t believe my eyes 😀


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