Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Nikita Golubev

The whole world is an artist’s canvas, and they can turn almost anything into works of art with their skill.

Nikita Golubev is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Moscow.He has experimented with painting, sketches, and digital art, and even though he doesn’t live near any beautiful natural places, a busy town always gives him new ways to express himself. Golubev uses layers of dust and dirt to take amazing pictures on the surface of cars and trucks, turning the dirt of the city into works of art.He uses dirt and filth as paint to make beautiful pictures of animals, flowers, people, and fictional characters.The artist said that he always tries to make his drawings simple and clear, but he also enjoys putting  depth in the images.The most difficult part of the creative process is to start, but so it is with any art.“One thing is that you can’t undo what you painted, but I find it to be beneficial since it helps me to finish my work and learn when it’s the right time to stop,” he notes.“I get lots of feedback from all around the world, and many come directly from truck drivers. It seems that most people are impressed with that and understand my messages, which is inspiring to me.”More of Nikita Golubev’s artistic handiwork can be found at and


7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Nikita Golubev

  1. Amazing, yes. But what a pity these trucks need a wash once in a while. Same with sand art and ice art, people spent so much time creating fabulous works of art but alas they don’t last long, but you can take pictures to remember them.


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