Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Cactus (Houseplant Size)


Be a cactus in a world of delicate flowers.
~ Unknown


Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus (Echinocereus Rigidissimus)


Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)


Buddha Temple plant (Crassula Ovata)


Bizanguita (Turbinicarpus Alonsoi)


Ribbon Plant (Trachyandra Tortilis)


Dragon Bone Cactus (Euphorbia Lactea)


Cooper’s Haworthia (Haworthia Cooperi)


Blue Cactus (Echeveria Secunda)


Living Stones (Lithops-Dorotheae)


Wine Cup Cactus (Crassula Umbella)
Dinosaur Back Plant (Geometrizans Cristata)



21 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Cactus (Houseplant Size)

  1. The reason I picked cactus houseplant size is because there are soooooo many I’ve never seen before that could be an alien landscape for all we know! I just LOVE how diverse mother nature is with EVERYTHING!

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