Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Paul Dmoch

Paul Dmoch is a Belgian painter whose watercolors are playgrounds of light.In them, light sparkles, bounces, glows, splinters and plays hide and seek amid the complexities of cathedral interiors, Venetian canals, narrow streets, dappled courtyards, open plazas and architectural landmarks of several cities.Light is an actor in his paintings, alternately coy and bold, shining with bravado and peeking out from the shadows.His deft handling of color and value, backed with his solid draftsmanship, give Dmoch’s paintings of familiar landmarks a fresh interpretation.Dmoch especially likes to paint cathedrals. As he says, “I can feel all the mystery of ‘another space’ where we sometimes come, but not spend our lifetime.“Inside these structures we feel small and not so important as we sometime think we are. We can see that incredible, enormous structure, filled with endless lights pouring through a stained-glass window.“For me, light and shadow is a metaphor for the everlasting battle between these two basic elements of human existence. In the contrast between light and darkness lies the secret of every human beginning.”

More of Paul Dmoch’s amazing paintings can be found at and at



13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Paul Dmoch

  1. Incredible! So much talent. I love visiting and seeing photos of cathedrals. Very nice. My daughter and I are spending a few days in Santa Fe and enjoyed visiting a few old churches today. 💖


  2. I had never heard of him, either. It’s also strange that, for such an articulate artist, he doesn’t have his own website. But I’m happy I was able to piece together a Gallery of his wonderful works.


  3. I’m ashamed to tell you I haven’t heard of the man. But his work is absolutely stunning !!! I know how difficult watercolour is to work with !


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