F.O. Friday: Round Robin Quilt

This is what Creativity is all about. Hoping all of you feel this good when you finish a project!

Daily Fiber

I’m so happy to get this fiber object moved to the finish line.


This is my Stay at Home Round Robin quilt, a group quilt project that took place in January and February. You may recall some of my earlier posts on this topic.

After all the piecing was complete, I was unsure of how to quilt it. In the quilt’s center I had used the walking foot to sew parallel lines that pinwheeled outward. But the checkerboard border seemed to act as a visual line, stopping the progress of the parallel stitch lines.

After months of procrastination, I made some decisions. The checkerboard border was quilted free motion in a sort of figure eight pattern (the symbol for Infinity.) Each square ended up with a circle inside it. I then continued my parallel lines beyond the checkerboard all the way out…

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10 thoughts on “F.O. Friday: Round Robin Quilt

  1. If you count the hours they work on a quilt, they just earn a few cents per hour !


  2. Me too! On the surface it just looks like people sewing together pieces of fabric. Of course, that’s what they say about writing, too — people just sitting down and telling a story. Little does anyone know how much work there is behind the scenes!


  3. I love quilted products, the quilters are real artists, what they can do with fabric is unbelievable. I follow a few quitlers blogs and I have seen some really really stunning stuff .


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