Sunday Evening Art Gallery (flashback) — Svetlana Bobrova

I think one of my favorite Sunday Evening Art Gallery posts was from back in November, 2014, when I shared images from the artist Svetlana Bobrova. A surrealistic artist from Russia, the figures in her paintings are hauntingly beautiful. I cannot get enough of her and her imagination.







You can see more of Svetlana Bobrova‘s amazing work at my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog or at the blue link above.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery (flashback) — Svetlana Bobrova

  1. I try and be objective when I see different types of surrealistic art — it’s a wide heading, and some of it indeed is unsettling. I prefer the sweet, gentle surreal people with normal sized features….


  2. You are so welcome. I found her on another person’s blog (she hasn’t blogged in a long time) and tracked her down and was surprised at the extent of her artwork. I don’t like to stereotype any nationality, but I do feel the colors and the chill of the Russian territories when I look at her work.


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