Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sharon Weiser

Sharon Weiser, who grew up in Wisconsin, began painting as a child and went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts and K-12 teaching certificate from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

After living for twenty years in Phoenix, Arizona, Weiser returned to the Midwest where she currently teaches painting and drawing at her studio.Clearly, the time Weiser spent in Arizona left its mark artistically as she continues to create her joyfully close-up cactus compositions.Painting in either oils or acrylics, Weiser works primarily from her own photos – cropping, replacing, re-positioning or enlarging forms to expertly compose her dynamic light-filled canvases.It is bold colors, a remarkable attention to detail and a singular sense of design that makes her paintings stand apart.Her artwork also continues to evolve as her curiosity compels her to keep experimenting with different color palettes, subjects and ideas.Her choice of southern colors reflects the beauty of her surroundings, adding depth and almost a fluorescence to desert life.More of Sharon Weiser‘s beautiful paintings can be found at

13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sharon Weiser

  1. I think one is never too old to pursue their dreams. I had two children, a full time job, grandchildren, obligations and aspirations. Not everyone understands my love of writing. But I’ve continued despite all of that. It’s the pleasure of my outlet that keeps me going. You can do it, too.


  2. Your painting is other worldly. I lose time while I am in drinking in the beauty of the choice of your colors and subjects

    Marriage at a very young age(16 1/2 yrs old) followed by 4 beautiful children. It was not what I was supposed to want at that time. This was in the 1960s.

    My desire to paint was looked down upon and l allowed it. I know now many women followed their desire to do art regardless of it not being an acceptable activity. I was too weak and allowed being manipulated.

    I am still alive and perhaps I may find me again.

    In the near future before I am to old I may find those desires again.

    Like what you expressed in your art. Thank you.


  3. I actually thought about you when I was putting together this blog/gallery — the cactus/flowers are so lovely they reminded me of pictures you have captured through the years!


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