Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mother’s Day

I am blessed to be a mother

I am blessed to have had my mother for 54 years

I am blessed to have friends who are mothers

I am also blessed to have friends who have left it to

Others to be a mother.

Life is Short………Be What You Want.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Vincent Van Gogh’s Mother



Whistler’s Mother


Barker Gang’s Mother (Ma)



Pablo Picasso’s mother


Mother Theresa


Rembrandt’s Mother


Juan Gris’ Mother

7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mother’s Day

  1. Its so great that we can do that now. I have a box of photos downstairs…I doubt if I’ll ever get them on my computer.


  2. I’m a memorabilia fan, I’ve always lots of photos hanging up, and I’m scanning all the old family photos, and storing them in my computer.


  3. How wonderful! I need to go through the box downstairs and find one of my mom and dad. She died young..she would have loved her grandkids and great grandkids. But I always tell them about her.

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