Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Remedios Varo

 Remedios Varo  (1908-1963) was born in Spain. Remedios always struggled to combine the mythic with the scientific, the sacred with the profane.

Remedios decided to evade the civil war that was going on in Spain and moved instead to Paris where the art movements were in vogue.

In Europe she was influenced by the surrealist movement and metaphysics studies. She was motivated by ancient studies and literature, but also by physics, mathematics, engineering, biology and psychoanalysis.

After some years, she decided to move to Mexico with a friend she met in Europe. In Mexico, her real journey as an artist started.

Her characters are mystical and solitary; most of the times involved in scientifical activities. They often have almond-shaped eyes, and androgynous features.

Diverse characters emerge in her painting with unusual attitudes: contemplative, passive, highly symbolic; reflection of the instability which can be overcome or changed.

All of them are part of a unique world which involves developed concepts of magic and imagination.


More of Remedios Varo‘s fantastic works can be found at and


5 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Remedios Varo

  1. The mind is so fascinating…each one an individual like no other. If one is lucky enough to connect the mind with their hands, amazing things appear. I don’t know where her ideas came from, but they are done so delicately and exacting..I wonder if she saw them in her dreams. I am so glad you liked the pictures.


  2. I do too — its holding various things — like it’s protecting delicate things like flowers and birds. My interpretation of surrealism is always off center, but I wonder if everyone’s is off. Thats why it works. What amazes me is where do these combinations of “things” come from? I’d never be able to pull off something like that.

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  3. Again thank you Claudia, for these wonderfully imaginative works by Remedios Varo’s work’s, I thoroughly enjoy her fascinating paintings, so colourful and interesting to my curious eyes…


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