Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Stained Glass

“…I’m innocent still  — inside me are stained glass windows that have never been broken — and when I see your light it stains my soul with color …”

John Geddes, A Familiar Rain





Peacock stained glass window


Paris_08 17 10_0343



8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Stained Glass

  1. These pieces are so intricate and detailed. The first two, and the third from last blew me away. It’s amazing how wonderful these works of stained glass are! Thank you for sharing!


  2. You know, my friend, it is. I often thought about learning how to do it (from a pedestrian point of view), for the results are gorgeous. But I think a much steadier hand is needed, and I am content to gawk at the forms I find. If you think of any other “underrated” art forms, let me know!


  3. How wonderful! I thought about adding the names of the gorgeous pieces of stained glass, but second thoughts encouraged me to let the images shine for themselves. I am so happy you enjoyed them.

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