Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Sarah Kaufman

Sarah Kaufman is a Nashville, Tennessee-based artist who creates magical, textural mixed media paintings that explore aspects of the human experience “through the lens of surreal and ethereal narratives.”


Starting with a with a blank canvas, Sarah smears, drizzles, and splatters it with venetian plaster and gesso to create texture, then seals it with layers of  translucent acrylic paint.


Once the base of the painting has settled, she paints her idea brings it to life with oil paint.


Sarah’s paintings are often soft and bright, yet sparkling with ethereal feelings.


According to Sarah, “The idea of being separate and distinct from the world around us is an illusion…”

“…we are simply a collection of energy for the moment. The houses represent our concept of self, with energy swirling around us in the sky, ground, trees and animals.”


More of Sarah Kaufman‘s lovely art can be found at,, and can be found on Facebook at

7 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Sarah Kaufman

  1. these are beautiful. thank you for showcasing Sarah’s work – i’d never heard of her before, so thank you – for bringing this beautiful series to my attention. wow.


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