Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Troy Emery

Troy Emery is a contemporary artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Between leaving his regional hometown of Toowoomba and moving to Hobart to attend art school, he decided he wanted to study fashion. Then he discovered he didn’t.Following his instincts, he dropped out of fashion school, but took his love of textiles and haberdashery with him.Emery works primarily with textiles in a sculptural practice to produce figurative forms and imagery.At the core of his ‘fake taxidermy’ sculptures is an interest in humankind’s relationship with animals.Emery works primarily with textiles in the form of colorful polyester tassels.He combines combining these materials with animal forms, a kind of pelt, where the fabric creates a textile mass over the animal.The core structure of the work is an anatomically correct to scale animal model, so the sculptures are, underneath, distinct animals like lions, foxes, and big cats.Through the process of building the colorful textile pelt, that very particular animal disappears and transforms into something less recognizable but still recognizably animal-like.More of Troy Emery‘s amazing sculptures can be found at and



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