Plan B

How many times have I started a blog, “On my way to doing something completely different ….” Alas, this curse/blessing followed me once again last weekend.

We were supposed to go camping with friends down in beautiful Missouri at Onadaga State Park, with a tour of the caves thrown in for our exercise day. 

Well, you know me and my life. The park emailed me the day before and said the park was closed because of flooding.


Panic. Stress. Ticked Off. You name it, I felt it.

You also know I love a wee bit of adventure, so we made our way to Plan B. Plan B is anything you do that is close to what you originally wanted to do but couldn’t do for one reason or another. And there is always a plan B somewhere.

We decided to drive down to Nashville, Tennessee, spend two nights at our friend’s house, then drive across the state to Cumberland Mountain State Park.

I always try and find another rainbow if the first one disappears. One way or another I was going to see my friends and have a great time.

It all worked out. It turned out the park in Missouri changed their mind and stayed open, but we were already down the road on Plan B. Lots of driving, but also lots of beautiful waterfalls, lush foliage, and the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. It was good food and good times.

It wasn’t Missouri, but it was Tennessee.

Don’t let a change of scenery put you off. If you plan on going somewhere, doing something, find a way to do it. Don’t give up. Make a plan but don’t worry about the plan.

The same is true no matter if you’re painting, sketching, knitting, or writing. Art takes you where it wants to go — you are just along for the ride.

And don’t worry — there are quite a few letters after B you can activate …






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