Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Iris Scott

Iris Scott is an American professional contemporary finger painting artist based in Brooklyn, New York.Graduating from Washington State University in 2006 with a degree in art, Scott was a pioneer in the field of finger painting.Using just gloved fingertips, Scott works with paint like a malleable, nearly clay-like medium.Her vibrant rainbow palette depicts a parallel, but familiar universe, emitting an energetic optimism and a respect for the natural world.Scott stumbled upon finger painting when a serendipitous lack of clean brushes prompted her to finish a painting with her fingertips.In that moment she recognized how fingers could scoop oil paint better than brushes, and overnight she committed to leaving her brushes behind.“I was excited to force myself to stop using brushes because I was learning to ‘survive’ in uncharted territories,” Scott explains.“I recognized that although finger painting couldn’t do some things that brushes could, there were important advantages finger painting actually did have over brushes—and I am still discovering new ones every day!”More of Iris Scott’s marvelous finger paintings can be found at




10 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Iris Scott

  1. It would be amazing to watch her in the act of creating. ✨ The dog one looks familiar, and I love the girl with the umbrella! They are all gorgeous. Thank you.


  2. This art is playful and filled with fantasy. I am amused at the floating hen. I really like the woman in the kimono on horseback, the girl with yellow umbrella and the tree shadows.


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