Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Anand Shah

Jewelry designer Anand Shah has the power to surprise each time he unveils a collection.

With no formal training, but a passion for design, Shah founded Ansaa Jewelry in Mumbai, India, in 1997, with the simple aim of creating exemplary hand-crafted 22 carat gold pieces.

Shah broke through established conventions to come up with a new and contemporary style, harnessing traditional Indian craftsmanship.

Much ahead of his times, the prolific and experimental artist uses alternative material like rosewood, oil paints, cameos, mother-of-pearl and glass in his extraordinary collections.

An artist par excellence, Shah uses gold, a medium he reveres, to stylishly replicate the bounties of nature.His pieces have a distinct design grammar bearing a blend of luxuriant grandeur coupled with an understated simplicity, which perhaps is a reflection of his own grounded nature.

Invoking the spirit of nature in gold is no easy task. It requires a high level of virtuosity to envision unexpected and intricate forms and to be able to turn them into sophisticated and wearable art.

“Nature is a fount of inspiration for me,” says Shah.“We are lucky to live on this planet which is full of beauty – and through my creations, I try to bring forth the synergistic relationship between Man and Nature.”

More of Anand Shah‘s marvelous jewelry can be found at and India Times.


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