Closer to the Sun — My Inspired Life (repost)

I love this writer, this artist, this blogger. Her posts always lift me up, inspire me, gives me a hint of what all this nonsense is around me now and then.

I hope you’ll wander over to Micheles blog and see how you feel when you’re done reading…….

Petals, stems, and hair whipped by the wind Rooted beliefs and thoughts twirl and toss becoming a new language when blended with the ancient Protected knowledge penetrates skin, blood, and bones creating shivers and swells Wings yet to be given this is the final ascent Secrets decoded confusion quells when the wind calms and the […]

Closer to the Sun — My Inspired Life



5 thoughts on “Closer to the Sun — My Inspired Life (repost)

  1. I am most grateful for this share and for your incredibly touching and motivating thoughts. We create, express, and share because our soul needs a voice too; when others connect and appreciate, like you’ve taken the time to do with me, the creative experience is elevated beyond measure. Thank you for lifting me up! ✨As I’ve commented, your artistic shares, which includes your thought-provoking and humorous essays, enrich my life. A meaningful and genuine connection! 🙏🏻

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