Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Paulina Bartnik

Poland-based artist Paulina Bartnik creates realistic-looking embroidered brooches of birds.The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and is very passionate about embroidery.While it may be hard to see the abundance of bird species in the world in person, Bartnik  immortalizes their portraits in exquisite embroidered brooches.She uses her meticulous stitching techniques to render the unique appearance of each feathered creature—from barn owls to hummingbirds.She uses the needle painting technique, which she feels perfectly imitates bird feathers.Beginning with a background of felt sheets, the artist creates a combination of short and long stitches in a variety of colors to produce a textile effect.The faces of her embroidered birds feature all of their distinct markings, which make them appear incredibly real.Not only that, but the variety of hues she uses to create the feathers make it seem like the texture of the bird shimmers in the light.In general, I’m a little bit of a chaotic and impatient person,” Bartnick admits. “Embroidery helps me focus and calm down. I don’t treat it as a job, for me it’s a way to relax.”More of Paulina Bartnik’s amazing embroidery can be found at




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