Ran Out of Gas

I feel that lately I’ve run out of words.

Word to share, words to encourage, words to heal.

Ack — I don’t know what the reason is that I’m a silent partner in this wonderful company. This, too, shall pass.

But I have been collecting cool art. That’s easy peasy. Especially if listening to smooth jazz and drinking a bit of coffee and looking at the sunshine that promises more warmth in a month.

So this bright Friday Morning I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of future Gallery contestants:

Odilon Redon


 Iris Scott


Boris Vallejo


I look forward to sharing with you all these wonderful, marvelous, crazy, inspiring artists. I hope you look forward to coming back!!





10 thoughts on “Ran Out of Gas

  1. Promise me, if I stop dreaming, you come over and kick me in the butt. Then we’ll share cookie dough, but I gotta sit on a donut if you did it right lol Then off to oyur own dreams again. Happiness!


  2. Great art ! the wet dog is my favorite ! I think we all have a dip now and again, it is only human, I hope you’ll feel better soon.


  3. Being tired, busy and daydreaming IS important. Without the day dreams, you don’t know what your future dreams will look like. Without day dreams, you can’t imagine horrible things happening to that one person you really don’t like, and you loose the pep in your step, the oomph in your go! That’s no good.

    Being tired and busy are also extremely important. If you’re tired, there is just enough energy to do A, B and C. That’s it. Use it wisely, then whatever teeny bit is left, use that to stuff cookies in your face 😆 as far as busy, busy challenges the mind, and that creates a strength you never knew you had. So, you’re doing it all right, you’re not responsible for giving words of encouragement to everyone else. It is a kindness that you are generous enough to find time and energy for; when you can’t, you don’t have to. It’s not what tucks you in at night, or doesn’t help you sleep. So, rest easy, and tomorrow you can think about caring again. Tonight, day dream of all the things you wanna say dream about, and let tomorrow be tomorrow’s problem.

    Like my baby sister always says: “that sounds like a tomorrow problem.” Follow that thinking, it alleviates much of the needless anxiety.


  4. Thank you. Sometimes I feel I should be writing every day, encouraging everyday. I dream every night — why not encourage every day? But like other humans I get tired more often, get busy more often, and daydream more often. That is important, I guess, too.

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  5. Words to share, encourage and heal are not the easiest to find. However, a beautiful breeze, sunset or painting can say everything the words you want ever could. For example, the dog shaking off the wet that you offered here brought me a moment of joy, a smile, and a feeling of summer and vacation. Few words could illicit the same, so thank you.


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