Every Line is Not a Straight Line

Today has been a rough day, although all the roughness is in my own head. 

Do you have days like this? Where you just can’t function like you’re supposed to for one reason or another? Yet you have to?

And this frustration runs through the rest of your day.

What I wouldn’t do to be perfect.

Everything written out, scheduled, cleaned, detailed, caught up, thought out, followed through, crossed off, and completed.

Logic has never been my best friend. Nor has written out, scheduled, cleaned, detailed, caught up, thought out, followed through, crossed off, and completed.

It’s all cute and forgivable when you’re 12 or 13.  When you’re older it feels like you’ve been left behind.

When I do things my way it’s often the screwy way, the backwards way, the long way. I don’t mind, because I never really notice that it’s the screwy way, the backwards way, or the long way. I just do it my way.

People then ask why I make so much more work for myself. Why I didn’t go directly from A to B. Why I make things so complicated.

They’re right. I’m just wired wrong, I guess. I get everything done sooner or later. It’s often not perfect, but I’ve always made a decent effort. Unfortunately, a decent effort doesn’t always cut it.

At this point I don’t know how to change my flow. 

And I don’t think I can.

I’m beginning to see why younger people get so frustrated with older people. We don’t move or think fast enough, straight enough, purposely enough.  We don’t mess things up on purpose — to us we’re doing it the right way, just like everyone else.

I’m frustrating to myself these days.

Some of us used to walk that straight line quite well, but now have a hard time staying on it.

I think I wandered off that line a long time ago. As a matter of fact, I’m one of those who often think…

….What line?




10 thoughts on “Every Line is Not a Straight Line

  1. We all do, that’s so true! But lately I feel like I’m striking out a lot more — at least a few around me think I am. Just this morning I was told “how” to do something so that it wasn’t so much work. I WAS TAKING A SPICE JAR OUT OF THE RACK IN THE PANTRY. It’s easy to want to give up!


  2. We all want, every single detail in our lives, to fit pefect and neatly, inside that box, but nothing ever works that way, which forces us to, adapt to these, unexpected, curve balls thay are, thrown, at, us. And sometimes, we hit them, sometimes, we miss, and the ball gets, dropped, and we struck, out…


  3. I feel for you. Don’t you wish that we humans were equipped with reset buttons? (smile.) Hopefully your world will look better after a good night’s sleep.


  4. When you walk a straight line, you miss all the fun. You’re fine the way you are If it works, it’s not broken it’s just the way you see things and that’s great.


  5. I hear you, my friend. If there is a long way or a more complicated way to do something, that’s the way I’ll do it. What’s the fun in doing it the right way in the first place??


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