Select a Category … Any Catagory

A lot of you are professional bloggers, weekend bloggers, once-a-month bloggers, daily bloggers — it doesn’t matter how often you write but that you write.

The other day I was re-reading/proofreading my blog on Creativity, adding categories and tags to encourage further reading under those … categories.

Now, I know the more you can narrow the fields of tags and categories, the more likely the Google search engine will find your blog. At least I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. I’m not a techie in any stretch of the imagination, so I really have no idea.

But I glanced over to my categories. It’s been a long time since I’ve checked them out.

I probably should have been looking at them a little more closely.

Many categories make sense — popular words like creativity, encouragement, love, babies, and camping are familiar to all of us.

But let me share a few that stirred something else in me. Puzzlement.

  • Amazing. The whole world is amazing. I am amazing. You are amazing. No one searches for “amazing” unless there’s a noun after it.
  • Being ____. I know there are better words for being busy, being cold, being crazy, being fooled. Offhand I don’t know  what they would be, though.
  • Same is true with action phrases that start with Getting or Losing. 
  • Blank paintings. Is that the same as a blank canvas? A blank wall? I wonder what blog that was for.
  • Bugs. The creepy crawly kind or the way some people affect you?
  • Cockroaches. Same as above.
  • Digital arat. How many people search for that misspelling?
  • Same for firewors, menopuse, and time trael.
  • Messing around. What does that actually mean?
  • Paper cutting and papercutting. Pick one, would you?
  • Reflexion. I suppose that’s supposed to be Reflection, but it’s from the England side of the ocean.
  • Sculpture or Sculptures. In this instance, plural means the same as single.
  • The … followed by any number of nouns. The Arts, The Blues, The Gambler, The Mind, The Seasons, The Unknown, The Woods. Are you seeing a pattern here?
  • w. Nuff said about that typo.
  • WATER PHOTOGRAPHY. Kinda looks like the caps stuck on that category.

As you can see, my categories need some of work. Haste made waste, and all of that. 

Haste also made for some unique category names.



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