Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Anna Berezovskaya

Anna Berezovskaya was born in the town of Yakhroma in Russia,  and became a student of Abramtsevsky Art and Industrial College in 2001.

Her paintings are easily recognizable by their unique signature style, which Berezovskaya refers to as “Poetic Realism.”Berezovksya brings together techniques unique to realism, abstraction and surrealism to create imaginative and creative worlds and subjects.Her pieces are riddled with symbolisms which the viewer must tease out in order to find the multiple meanings and layers to them.Berezovksya’s use of universal themes, inspired by the artist’s own life and imagination,  resonate and reflect the viewers’ own emotions and the values.She uses symbolism to create timeless works on canvas and paper, carefully selecting subjects that convey her ideas and emotions about the Russian world around her.Berezovskaya’s works are built on a world which she has created — a visual world — where she tells her stories through childhood memories of books read and images embedded in her dream-space.“I still draw on stories that I love from my childhood but in terms of development I realize I have developed and grown and my ideas are becoming more interesting, sharper, more developed,” the artist shares.“I mainly use ideas from my normal regular everyday life but these can still be serious things that I try to convey in my paintings in a humorous way.”More of Anna Berezovskaya‘s whimsical art can be found at



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