Always Fine Tuning

I don’t know if it’s the artist in me, the insecurity in me, or the pride in me, but it’s hard to leave some projects alone.

Many of you in your various arts get your creations right the first time around. You’re that good. I know I know … there’s mistakes in there too. Ideas gone crooked, characters flushed out the wrong way, a stitch that’s too big, not enough Chromium Oxide Green for your trees.

But you eventually finish and move onto the next thing.

I do that, too. But in writing anything, there can always be a revision of some sort lurking in the shadows.

I’ve tried not to go back often and reread the books I’ve written. Except for a typo here and there (God Forbid!) I’m very happy with the outcome. 

But other things like art blogs and Angel Tears, I tend to work too fast at the beginning and see too many slips towards the end.

Like my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blogs. The ones that come out now are pretty near perfect. But the earlier ones look sloppy. In a rush. Not enough pictures or way too many. That’s mostly because I wanted to GET THE BLOG OUT. 

Faerie Paths and chat blogs like today usually turn out decent, because I’ve given the topics some thought and took my time finding the pictures that go along with them.

Well, today I’m going to start in yet another direction. I want to dedicate a page to my Angel Tears. You know — those rhinestone and crystal sparklers that hang in your windows or trees. This is my full second year of this business and I want it to shine this year. I want it to work. I want to have inventory and Etsy pages and show it off to you, my friends.

For me, that’s sounds easier than it is.

These things don’t photograph well. So I’m working on that. I have sales account and bank account and even an accountant. So I am serious about this type of fun.

This time I want to get it all right. I figure I have enough experience to know what I want, what I want to say, how I want people to feel.

I want others to feel the way I do when it comes to sparkle in the sun.

Don’t you feel that way when you start a new creative project? Everything you make can’t just be for you — you need to step out of your creative comfort zone and offer your work to others so that they can feel what you feel when they look at your work.


I’m still working on it.



7 thoughts on “Always Fine Tuning

  1. As there are so many people and so many different views you can’t expect everyone likes what you create, what counts is the people you touch with your work.


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