Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Mark Eliott

Australian artist Mark Eliott worked as a novelty and scientific glassblower before making sculptural glass art.

Initially, Eliott worked as a novelty and scientific glassblower to supplement his music studies at the Conservatorium of Music, becoming an accomplished saxophonist..He completed a Master of Visual Arts and Master of Studio Arts at Sydney College of the Arts as well as associate diploma in Jazz Studies (saxophone) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.His whimsical sculptures reveal a strong ecological message behind the work.What sets Eliott apart from many other makers is the breadth of ways he works the hot glass flame to channel his ideas.He uses the flame like a scribe as he creates 3D illustrations and installations incorporating various media such as music, stop-motion animation and wood carving.

A characteristic of Mark’s work is that at first glance the viewer is drawn like a magnet to his objects because of their lively, colorful, and whimsical appearance.However, as he speaks in layers, what is revealed is the strong ecological message behind the work.This is best explained by describing some of the works which underpins the wide range of highly skilled applications to support his ideas when using the flame with glass. More of Mark Eliott’s wonderfully imaginative art can be found at



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