Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Rukiye Garip

Rukiye Garip was born in 1964 in Bartin, Turkey.She graduated from Gazi University Vocational Education Faculty in 1985.

After her graduation she lived in Ankara, working as a graphic designer.

Garip went to a ceramic workshop in 1987 with a group of friends, and in 1989, started working as an art teacher.

After working in different provinces and schools for 20 years, Garip retired and opened up her own workshop in Balıkesi.

The main distinguishing feature in Garip’s artwork are hidden in the details. She enjoys the peaceful effect of blue and green in her pictures.“Everything that looks good to me in nature can be the subject of my pictures,” Garip explains.

“I want to illustrate as much as possible natural beauties that disappear rapidly and cannot be returned. Not getting rid of the details — I want my work to be noticed for the tiny, beautiful, happy details.”More of Rukiye Garip‘s enchanting paintings can be found at and



6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Rukiye Garip

  1. My favorite medium is oilpaint, it is a lot easier as it dries very slowly. The first week after you started the painting you can still remove the paint where you want to remove it by scraping with apalette knife. The reason why I don’t use acrylic paint is cos it dries too rapidly.


  2. Whenever I dipped into painting (which was many years ago) I always stuck with acrylics… they didn’t always give the texture and appearance I wanted, but I only did a few pieces, and it was my first type when I broke into the art world. And I can see what you are saying about watercolors being difficult. I myself think painting of ANY sort is difficult!


  3. Amazing work, especially as it is watercolor. I know from experience it is very difficult as you can’t change a thing. Every brush stroke is visible and can’t be undone.


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