Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser  (1928 –2000) was an Austrian artist and architect who spent his whole career championing the curve of organic nature against the straight line.

Children’s Day-Care Centre Heddernheim, Frankfurt, Germany


Born Friedrich Stowasser in 1928, the Viennese artist most commonly known as Friedensreich Hundertwasser (or ‘Kingdom-of-Peace Hundred-Water’) started his artistic revolution by adopting a new name.

The Waldspirale, Darmstadt, Germany


Even though Hundertwasser first achieved notoriety for his boldly-colored paintings, he is more widely known for his individual architectural designs.

Kuchlbauer Tower, Lower Bavaria, Germany


The common themes in his work utilize bright colors, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature, and a strong individualism.

Hundertwasser House, Bad Soden, Germany


From the mid 70s, all his amazing buildings were ergonomically curved and ecologically integrated with natural features of the landscape.

Kunsthaus Abensberg, Abensberg, Germany


There are no corners, edges or straight lines. Instead, there is the courage to create organic forms, colors, joy, and include the human dimension –  living works of art.

Hundertwasserbrunnen Fountain, Zwettl, Austria


Many of his creations highlighted architecture with uneven floors, unique windows, and spontaneous vegetation.

Green Citadel , Magdeburg, Germany


Hundertwasser stood out as an opponent of “a straight line” and any standardization, expressing this concept in the field of building design.

Ronald McDonald Kindervallei, Valkenburg, Netherlands


More of Friedensreich Hundertwasser‘s amazing architecture can be found at  and


13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Friedensreich Hundertwasser

  1. I have a feeling the insides are all square just like regular buildings. I see all the curves and ramps and swirls on the outside. I can’t imagine all the insides are swirly, too. That’s an interesting point to research.

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  2. You are right! I wonder what those buildings look like in real life. It’s a shame human beings are stuck in our earthly bodies — I always thought I’d love to zoom around the world, checking out buildings like this along with castles, skyscrapers, and cottages. Ahhhhh…. imagination!

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  3. I never knew such intriguing architecture existed. It’s funny how sheltered a life I’ve led! I should have at least taken an introduction to Art or architecture class when I was young. Guess I was busy raising kids and working, and art wasn’t my go-to until I got older. If you ever find any of your old sketches, be sure to share them! I’d love to see your ideas!

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  4. Yeah, Claudia, I have always been interested in alternative architectural designs and buildings … I did some architecture rending as part of my art course in school, and I remembering designing a roundhouse with an earth/garden top, when I was 16 … haha .. of course, those old sketches are long gone …
    so I think my favourite design is the Hundertwasser House, Bad Soden, Germany


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