Temporarily/Permanently on Hold?

I find whenever I have a creative dilemma I come to all of you for help or understanding or to just vent. There is not always a solution to every problem, an answer to every question. Sometimes just “putting it out there” solves half of the problem, period.

So. My thoughts and questions this fine Monday morning are thus:

I haven’t felt like writing/finishing/exploring my current book works in quite some time.

That’s not me. That’s not the writer in me, the explorer in me, the dreamer in me.

What’s different, you may ask? I may ask the same question.

Do you just run out of creativity now and then? Out of mental energy? Out of research energy?

I’m not exhausted nor preoccupied. I am working on losing a few pounds, working around the house, playing with my grandkids when opportunity allows. I am still on the computer a portion of each day, still chatting with friends, both through this blog and in my own world. So I don’t feel like any of that has changed.

But I haven’t been over-enthusiastic about writing big or long pieces in a few months. Maybe longer.

Do you ever feel like you’ve run up to the wall, and instead of climbing the ladder to go up and over you’d rather sit on your side and have a picnic?

Not being creative bothers me. Especially when I extol its virtues at every turn.

Try another craft, you may say. Go for a walk. Clear your head. Visit someplace you’ve never been. I can see all those working in one way or another. Yet none of those seem to go more than skin deep.

I am not moved by my passion for writing like I used to be.

Is that normal?

At this senior age (which is young), will I ever find that heart-pounding urge to write long, adventurous novels like I used to? Is it even worth worrying about?

There are plenty of things to keep me busy during the day and evening, so it’s not like I’m staring quietly out the front window all day. It’s just this particular blister that seems to be bothering me.

I was just wondering if anyone else has reached this stopping point in their lives. I’m not giving up writing — that’s impossible. But the form of it, the shape of it, the substance of it may be changing. 

And I’m not sure if I like it.




26 thoughts on “Temporarily/Permanently on Hold?

  1. I hear you. Both my daughter in law and my best friend are teachers, and they, too, are frustrated by the wildness of some children. And you are right: no time outs, no punishment. If it’s a daycare the worst that can happen is you can ask them to find another day care. Schools aren’t so easy. And parents don’t listen when you tell them something they don’t want to hear. Troubled parents and troubled children. I don’t have an answer either. I wouldn’t know where to start.


  2. You are right. But when you see how parents raise their kids, I really hold my hart for the future. Teachers can’t punnish kids and adolescents( and punnish is just a few extra tasks for school, nothing big or bad) and before school is out the parents are comming to call the teacher all sorts of horible names, so the kids know it is ok to do as you please. Same with the police, little kids trowing all sorts , spitting, pound and beat policeofficers because the parents do it as well, so where will this end ? I hope some day they will see the light.


  3. You are wonderful and special because you GET it. You see where you are and are thankful. Always. And that’s the first step. You help where you can, listen where you can, help out where you can. I know I can’t help the Ukrainians except through legitimate charities, nor can I help the downtrodden, the mentally ill, nor those working for minimum wage. They say write your Congressman, your Representative — but that doesn’t solve any problem. It just allows you to vent to someone more important than you. So most of the time all we can do is help to raise bright, kind and aware children and grandchildren. Teach them not to bully and how to handle it if they are. Explain to them the special and the sick in the head. That’s the only way you and I will make it through this nutty mess.


  4. I was surprised to see this post as I am feeling the same at the moment. I think for me it is about all the problems in the world, that Russian president is holding the whole world in his claws, so Russians and Ukranians living in horrible conditions. The climate change, the hunger in the world. There is no respect for no one and for nothing, they have no common sense either, kids go to school and once they are graduated they stop learning new things. The drug problem, and I am not talking about medication. I need more space in my head and peace and quiet……So yes, it is difficult to be possitive at the moment. But I feel bad too because I complain whilst I have a good life compared to those in war zones, who are poor, refugees who are desperate….I have a home, food, clothes….


  5. I think this feeling is completely normal. I get a little lost and untethered when I don’t write.. even when I’m not in the right head space.
    You’ll find your way back. ❤️


  6. Good luck with everything, maybe it’s a sign there’s yet another art form out there for you to discover or consider trying or mastering?


  7. I think you might be right. I’ve written all my life — really enjoyed creating characters and situations and action and dialogue. I’ve never been published — and that’s okay with me. It was the journey and challenge of writing and finishing something that gave me pleasure. If someone asked for a “book” I’d send it to them. It’s always been the journey. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about my lack of novel inspiration and listen to new wanderings that may be whispering and I’m not hearing.

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  8. Oh, it really does help. I know in the past when I have “pushed” myself to write things I didn’t care about they were dull and almost counterproductive. I used to write a blog for my work, and some of the topics were indeed a push to write. Now I feel like it’s so much work to write a beginning, middle, and end of something substantial. Like I have the ideas and maybe even an outline either written or in my head, but looking forward to write it all as a coherent, understanding story is sometimes overwhelming. I do think I need to give up the big stuff for a while. After all — the world is soooo full of other things to do!


  9. You are going through a phase, just like the world is. Creativity pauses it does not stop.
    Try a bit of honey in a strong coffee topped up with brandy.


  10. The best way to cope with this, lethargy, is simply by, stepping away, temporarily from what you are trying to, get completed, and, do something else, and, when you want to, come back to it, then, you come back, and if you don’t, you, don’t. I find, that it’s often, counterproductive, if I make myself, do something I must finish, if my mind’s already, too, spent, and besides, the quality of what you crank out, under stress, is, usually, less than, acceptable, so, rather than forcing yourself to, do the task now, you should, step away for a bit, until you feel, inspired again, then, come back to it. Hope this helps…


  11. Let me ask… has WHAT you’ve written changed? I mean, not necessarily genres, but short to long? Comedy to romance? WHAT I’m writing seems to be changing. And you are right… it COULD be another stage, too.

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  12. You don’t know how good you make me feel! Creative people often think they should be creative close to 24/7. I know I thought I should have this powerful urge to write at least every other day. And I fear this disinterest is part of getting older. Old. And I am in such denial about that… ha… Thank you, my good friend, for letting me know it can happen to any and ALL of us!❤️❤️

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  13. Yup, spent most of my life painting and creating black and white illustration. Now I dust off the drawing board and the easel. Wondered what on earth was different now or what happened. I decided that like everything else there are seasons and everything has its own cycle. So have decided to surrender to whatever the next return on the spiral brings. Maybe something new I never thought of or was too busy holding on to old ideas to notice. There’s a certain freedom in letting go and just being open to what comes. I enjoy the day I have and have let go of evaluating and analyzing. Makes my head hurt. Just grateful for what is, rather than what isn’t. There’s still plenty of magic out there for most anything to happen. Poetry came along one day and that was never in my thoughts or plans. Who knows what may show up for you?

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  14. I think it’s just a stage. The urge to write can be up and down. One day, when you least expect it, you’ll start typing and realize you are back into it. At least that’s how it is for me. xo


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