Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Richard Royal

Richard Royal is recognized internationally as one of the most skilled and talented glassblowers in the studio glass movement. Having spent his early years as a ceramicist, he began working as a glass sculptor in 1978 at the Pilchuck Glass School. The birth of this new and exciting artistic movement appealed to the young artist.

Royal worked his way through the ranks to become one of Dale Chihuly’s main gaffers.This relationship lasted several years and consequently led to Royal’s emergence in the art market in the 1980’s.Royal’s explorations delve into the theory that all things have a geometric significance or a mathematical sequence.  Royal’s vision is to create organic sculptures  using rigid components to portray this concept of growth and clarity in form.His shapes are unusual, striking, and bright, just as glass should be.More of Richard Royal’s geometric masterpieces can be found at 



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