Faerie Paths — Faerie Trails (a poem)

Faerie Trails

Pearlescent sponge-painted hues
Pink and blue and grey

Reflect the morning sunrise
Down the dew-covered path
Rose-colored diamonds
Sparkle on blades of green
Plodding steps
Announce my arrival
Into her delicate sphere
Fairy prints
Blushes of pixie dust
Tinge the edge of the leaves
Marks of a carefree spirit
Dancing through the woods
Her laughter is reflected
In the tinkle of wind chimes
The dawn’s breath quickens
Bending strands of leaves
And delicate flowers
Guarding the edge of the field
Dissipating her scent
Into the wind
In the arms of emerald green
I glimpse the sparkle of wings
And the glitter of freedom
My leaden steps follow
Tiny prints on velvet green
Wind chimes choir in the distance
Musk and earth and pine
Mask the scent of her passing
The morning sun spikes
Between the trees
Blocking my view of forbidden realms
Leaves tremble yet remain steadfast
She is gone
Protected by the world beyond
Leaving me to wonder
If the rose-colored diamonds
Were hers at all


Claudia ~ 2011


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