Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Robert Wynne

Australian born Robert Wynne studied visual arts at Monash University, majoring in ceramics before completing a master’s degree in glass at California State University.The dynamic process of glass blowing immediately captivated the artist.Not only was the visual splendor deeply pleasing, he relished the choreography in glass blowing, and particularly the immediacy and risk that the material demanded.Wynne’s work is characterized by strong, bold lines and shapes.Working with classical proportions and purity of form, Wynne loves the challenge of technical precision, often layering the work with surface decoration.He enjoys making beautiful objects but is not afraid to create pieces that evoke emotions more complex than just aesthetic appreciation.He loves the gorgeous glow of light through frosted glass and has a fascination with lustrous, iridescent finishes; particularly with the way that light is manipulated, reflected and transmitted.“My inspiration comes from numerous places including historical glassmaking practices and formal sculptural dialogue,” Wynne says.“The bold beauty and the sheer expanse of the Australian landscape delight and inspire me and I know that it seeps through my pieces, both implicitly and explicitly.“There is also an honesty and rugged openness about the Australian people, a fierce independence, generosity and integrity that I admire and which I would like to think is expressed in the work I produce.”More of Robert Wynne‘s amazing glass work can be found at



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