Listening to Beethoven

Saturday Morning. Multi-tasking Morning.

Do you leave a lot of your to-do’s until Saturday?

When I worked full time Saturdays were a mess. Not only did I have to catch up on housework, but go to soccer games, baseball games, grocery shop, make it a repair or replace day — it was madness.

How did I ever make it through 50 years of being everyplace else but HERE?

Now that I’m retired I hate to admit that I still have the same Saturday mentality that I did when I had two kids running around. Some sort of breakfast, upbeat classical music in the background, throw in a load or two of laundry (to hopefully be folded and put away the same day), finish last night’s dishes, get at least an hour’s work of crafting in (it usually turns into 2 hours but it’s now a source of income), go visit my grandkids, go for a walk with the dog (my only form of exercise some days), plan a Saturday night meal, do repairs I didn’t get to Monday through Friday, write a blog, go back to that site that had great unusual art…..

It never ends.

But there’s something about Saturday mornings that put an extra bounce into my step. Like a kid, it is my “day off.” My dream about going out on a date night; my leave for an exotic vacation day; my shopping for a new outfit day; my having lunch with my besties day.

It’s the day you wait all week for.

It’s not the holiness or footballness of a Sunday. It’s not Taco Tuesday.

Saturday has its own magic wrapped around it.

Even if your plans fall apart early in the morning, you have taken that shinny spot of the week and planned and dreamed for all kinds of magic to happen.

It’s the Disneyworld of the working class.

So as I listen to the pounding duh duh duh duh DUH ... of Beethoven’s 5th, looking out at a rainy, sleety day, stepping over dog toys and vacuuming I should have done three days ago, I’m planning on Angel Tears and writing on my second book about Paris and looking for unique art and having a glass of wine and later on, when I’m exhausted from doing and NOT doing, finding a soul-warming rewatch of Midnight in Paris or Chocolat or Under the Tuscan Sun or The Lake House, I will have had a wonderful Saturday morning.

How about you?



4 thoughts on “Listening to Beethoven

  1. Sounds good to me … Beethoven, beauty sleep, blogging and leisure … no rush to get the laundry done. It can wait til Monday!👍🏽❤️

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  2. Oh my gosh, you named 3 of my favorite go-to movies. And also on my list, ” Ever After: A Cinderella Story”. I feel exactly the same way about Saturdays.


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