Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Salman Khoshroo

Iranian painter Salman Khoshroo uses a palette knife and sizable layers of paint to create the emotive portraits in his recent series, “White on White.”In contrast to his previous work that relied on swirling reds, blues, and yellows, Khoshroo’s latest impasto pieces are monochromatic.Starting with a hunk of paint, the artist then forms the portrait’s outline before shaping the rest of the face that lacks distinct physical features.Viewers can follow his creative process step-by-step by looking at the edges of each stroke.Khoshroo hopes to capture a human spark with minimal intervention and create portraits of people that make you feel something, people you didn’t even know you were looking for.Painted with a single pigment in a sandbox method, these faces are the result of taking a chunk of paint and molding it.It is amazing that one can see so many features in such few movements.

More of Salman Khoshroo‘s diverse art can be found at and



5 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Salman Khoshroo

  1. I agree. I went through a few sites trying to check this out, and all I could find was on yatzer: Working in his studio in Tehran with a large palette knife to spread oil colours directly on the canvas. So I wonder if he adds anything to his work. Yatzer shows colored paintings in a similar style. His website shows so many different styles — I saw this one on the second link. Good question!


  2. This is awesome ! But if he uses real oilpaint, his work will need several years to dry, on the outside it will dry soon but the inside ?? maybe 3 or more years.


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