Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Natalie Ciccoricco


Natalie Ciccoricco is a Dutch collage artist, living in California.After moving to the United States in 2012, Natalie started making mixed media collages and illustrations inspired by her new surroundings.Ciccoricco went viral last spring for her iconic Nesting series, a collection that celebrates reconnecting with nature and your inner self while sheltering at home.While being under quarantine at home, she started creating embroidery artworks using materials found in her yard, her deck,Β  or on nature walks.Exploring the juxtaposition between geometric shapes and organic elements, the series is an ongoing exercise to find beauty and hope in challenging times.Stitching lengthy, varicolored rows around found twigs,Β  Ciccoricco juxtaposed the organic forms of nature with her meticulous embroideries.The California-based artist crafts her Nesting series on white, handmade paper with unfinished edges.The stark backdrop complements the precisely laid thread that seems to suspend each twig, while the natural borders offer an additional organic element.More of Natalie Ciccoricco‘s amazing fiber art can be found at and






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