Artists Are Pouring In!

I am just tickled pink about all the new artists I’ve found for my Sunday Evening Art Gallery blog! I’m so glad I decided to extend Sunday night to a couple of evenings during the week, too. 

Sometimes the well is dry, meaning I have only about six or seven artists lined up and ready to visit you all. But other times it’s like I’ve hit the jackpot with unique — and I mean unique — ways of expressing art. Every once in a while my “unique” entails strange, uncomfortable, or off-the-wall sorts of creativity.

Other times there’s just enough “awww” factor or “ah ha!” familiarity for you to say, “I didn’t know they created that!”

I try and keep it interesting and amazing. I hope I’m doing that. I know I keep saying “WOW” to myself when I find new artists and their over-the-top talent. 

Do me a favor — tell ONE person about my art blog, Sunday Evening Art Gallery. Just one. If you know someone who loves unique and unusual, send them my way. I will do my best to keep them entertained.

Here are a few artists I have in mind for the future:


Natalie Ciccoricco



Michal Trpák



Timothy Nevaquaya



Maxim Shkret




Frank Moth



Come See the Magic! Here AND There!!

Thanks a million!

27 thoughts on “Artists Are Pouring In!

  1. I do consider you a friend and look for your posts daily on my reader. 🙂 I try to refrain from being pushy at this point in my blogging journey, figuring those who are interested will seek me out. Yet your comment about the art I showcase gave me the incentive to invite you “over”! Its about balance for me, not wanting to be too over the top with promotion. However I am excited to hear what you like while you venture through my posts. I know we both are so passionate about art and that warms my heart ( a little rhyme there! ) ❤


  2. Some beautiful pieces of art here ..also the platform you’re giving to budding artists who think outside the box and try to innovate, is truly commendable 💗🤩


  3. I am very excited and already in love with Timothy Nevaquaya’s work, based on the painting you shared. 😍 I told my artist daughter about your site, but I will remind her. 😁


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