Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Wawiriya Burton

Wawiriya Burton is an Australian Aboriginal artist known for her acrylic paintings.

Burton belongs to the Pitjantjatjara, an Aboringinal people of the Central Australian desert near Uluru.She was born in outback central Australia sometime during the 1920s, and grew up living a traditional, nomadic way of life.

She originally specialized in baskets and punu (wood carvings) from spinifex (a  perennial coastal plant) at the Tjala Arts Centre in Southern Australia in 2008, but later learned to paint from other women.

Her paintings are representations of sacred stories from the Dreamtime.Like other Aboriginal artists, the representations are blurred (or encrypted) for cultural reasons.The full meaning of her artworks can only be understood or deciphered by people who have been initiated.Burton is a ngangkaṟi (traditional healer), so she has more knowledge about sacred traditions than most in her community.

More of Wawiriya Burton‘s soul filled paintings can be found at Wikipedia and Aboriginal Signature.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Wawiriya Burton

  1. You know — I really like hearing this. I did some research before I settled on this artist — they are all so colorful and many are intricate. I love the part that Wawiriya is a healer and has knowledge about sacred traditions that come out in her art. So much to learn about the world.

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  2. Her is work is famous in Australia, and her paintings are mysteriously fascinating, their cultural significance is amazing, representing ancient stories from the oldest culture in the world … thank you for sharing these outstanding treasures .. and yes … your article today got me quite emotional …😂


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