Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine is a multidisciplinary British artist who has gained recognition in the fashion industry for his creations made from lengths of tulle — a practice which he describes as “painting with fabric”.
The fine netted material allows for dramatic differences in opacity depending on how densely it is is bunched or layered.Shine had to find the appropriate tool to bind the tulle to the canvas and create more depth. Small irons are perfect for him — they don’t have to be fancy, they just have to work.From afar these intricate portraits appear to be painted using the finest of brushstrokes, but take a step closer and the amazing reality is unraveled: they’ve been carefully crafted out of reels of folded fabric.

His amazing creations each contain 10 to 50 meters of tulle; pleated, folded and finally ironed in place to create evocatively realistic images.Shine explains his work this way: “I think that the positive reception [of my art] has enabled me to continue. It’s enabled me to grow spiritually because of the connection with the artwork and what it’s teaching me because I’m seeing … the sense of spirituality in it.

“[The tulle] is a material that is half not there, and I find that fascinating.”

More of Benjamin Shine‘s amazing artwork can be found at and 



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