A Day for Projects

It’s funny how creativity ebbs and flows.

One minute you are so full of words that nothing but writing a book can be their outlet. Other times you stare at at the screen, typing One Upon a Time 60 times because you can’t think of anything to write down.

One minute you have this great quilt idea, the next minute, as you start collecting materials, you find nothing reflects your idea.

I have two personal friends who have added painting to their creative repertoire, and honestly are very good at that, too. 

Maybe it’s the seasons that change our creative move. The need to be outdoors more, alive and singing with the birds and dancing with the bees.

Yeah — I can see me doing both.

But there is a different feel to spring than fall, summer than winter. What excited you last winter often disappears or, better yet, metamorphoses into something new and different.

Do you change crafts as the Earth changes seasons?

We all stick to our basic first love. Of that I don’t doubt. But when I read blogs where artists are trying collages instead of knitting or making miniatures instead of pop up cards, I am delighted. One good friend has turned from crocheting to repainting and redecorating her bedroom.

It’s a great feeling to get your feet wet in self expression.

Even if we don’t know what we’re doing, the enjoyment of learning just for the sake of learning is unmatchable. 

Maybe that’s why so many have so many projects going at one time. I’m going to make a collage for my sister! I’m going to paint the landscape behind my house! I picked up this new book at a garage sale the other day; think I’ll start reading tonight! I’m going to sew beautiful trim on a bunch of hand towels! I’m going to … I’m going to … I’m going to …

And here we are. Starting all over again. Or continuing where we left off last week or last month. Give us a little background music, a little work area, and voila! We are off on another adventure.

I myself am fighting between continuing my next book, making enough Angel Tears for the craft fair in September, figuring out how to put a book online, and keeping the weeds out of my new pop up/out garden. I feel like I’m at the beginning of a mountain trail, but at least I know I have company on my way up.

How about you and your pastimes? Any new ones creeping in?


11 thoughts on “A Day for Projects

  1. Thank you! I can play a bit of piano – at this point my right hand does all the work. haha I play a little here and there. Thank you for your encouragement. I am sure I will pick up sewing again. I would need to get a new sewing machine first. My first project would be a skirt and then multiple with different material. I did make pillows and curtains, in addition to clothes and plenty of little girl dance costumes for my daughter and her fellow dancers. Oh boy, you are bringing back some memories. I also once made a pink Cinderella dress for a woman I worked with at the time. She was a plus size, so for months my house was a sea of pink. I remember sewing the last stitch and then throwing that thing in the car a minute after. I was so happy to be done with that! hahaha Yes, let’s stay inspired. ✨


  2. I love that you FEEL the creative flow, too! It doesn’t matter if you excel at it or you are just beginning. Once you get zapped there’s nothing like it. I bet you come up with some great doodles! I’d love to see them sometime. I used to do that at work (don’t tell my old boss) … perhaps that’s why I love texture and detail so much. Some time when you have a free 15 minutes or so try sketching/drawing. You might be surprised how easy you pick it up. Let’s keep each other encouraged!

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  3. I think those are great creative outlets! I used to play the piano when I was a kid — I was never really good at it, but I think about it now and then. I think you should get back into sewing. I really do. Nothing big — nothing with a lot of detail. Not up front. Maybe quilting! Or a throw! It sounds like you never really forgot about it. Your posts inspire me, too. Let’s keep inspiring each other. I love it.

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  4. I love all of those things! I used to work with a gal that used to make jewelry, earrings — I have a couple of her handiworks. She shifted to painting, and her artwork is wonderful. Blogging — yes! It takes up a goodly amount of time. And I sometimes get headaches from reading, so I’ve turned to listen to free audiobooks when I make my Angel Tears. I love all your activities. Let’s keep sharing our progress!

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  5. I love getting into my creative flow! For me, it’s usually writing, doodling, doing yoga or listening to music while dancing and singing along. I wish I was better at painting and drawing, maybe I would be if I had more time and patience to dedicate to them.


  6. I receive great inspiration and motivation from your posts. At one time I loved making clothes and other things from fabric. I loved the process – creating something from a square of material. My daughter grew up and my sewing machine died, and I never returned to that craft, but someday I might. My creativity does change slightly with the seasons, but my consistent creative outlets are writing, dancing, and playing my clarinet. 😊


  7. I do less stuff that is eye tiring. I read books less ( but still love reading) I stopped making earring because I do not see as well , even with glasses. I still blog and bingewatch tv, take walks outside, play computer games, films, spiritual videos, practice Reiki


  8. Always reading and cooking and movies. I might do some embroidery occasionally, or a jigsaw puzzle in the winter, but most of my things are 4 seasons


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