Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jon Foreman


Jon Foreman gathers stones in different sizes, shapes and colors and arranges them in eye-catching formations.

Based in Wales, the artist began creating his nature-based work while in college.

Since then, his land art has ranged from minimal stone sculptures to sweeping sand mandalas, and each project has its own entrancing motif.
From giant circles, dynamic swirls and other intricate patterns, Foreman’s work reveals the unique beauty of stones.

Be it with stones or leaves, inland or on beaches, working with stones has made him realize some of their unexpected qualities.

A creator of various styles of Land Art, he is ever in search of the perfect pattern.

“Repeat processes are always very therapeutic and this is a good example of that, getting lost in the process is an important part of land art,” Foreman says.
More of Jon Foreman‘s fantastic designs can be found at



22 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Jon Foreman

  1. I put the bigger stones on display between my cactus pots and the smaller ones I use to decorate my cactus pots to create a bit of a desert feeling 😀 I also use bits of wood from the beach.


  2. Well yes, being creative takes time indeed. I love looking for nice pebbles or small stones on the beach 😀


  3. Maybe he knows the owner of a gardening business, these stones are often used in the garden for a path or a driveway, they sell tons and tons of these stones. You can also find them on beaches and parkinglots…….


  4. Could you imagine trying to do this in your own back yard? I’d have to keep family, friends, and pets ten feet away from it in every direction. And someone would still mess it up.


  5. This art is very appealing. I like that it is made with found objects. It takes time and plenty of persistence to gather enough suitable material for the work.


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